Justin Timberlake and His Foundation

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Justin Timberlake is a very famous singer, producer and writer. He started his career along side Britney Spears at the Mickey Mouse Club and then went over to conquer the music industry with the band ‘N Sync. Later on, Justin Timberlake took on a solo career and ended up having even more success and expanding into all sorts of other entertainment industry domains, such as films and producing, and unrelated business domains, such as restaurants. His charity work has raised  a lot of money over the years. The found raisers Justin Timberlake has hosted and organized are very popular due to his own popularity and have managed to gather up massive sums of money.

Justin Timberlake has dedicated his charitable activities to raise money and awareness for underprivileged children, in order to provide better general education or to introduce talented young people in the music domain. Donations made by Justin Timberlake have focused on other topics, such as the help given to the Memphis Music Foundation and the Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum and the Wildlife Warriors, late Steve Irwin’s Foundation. Justin Timberlake also has his own foundation, the Justin Timberlake Foundation, which focuses on helping children, who have talent and skills, to get into the music industry. His efforts have paid off and thus, he has managed to launch the careers of many young artists, who would not have had this opportunity if it were not for him. Over the years, the Justin Timberlake Foundation has developed new fields of charity, still in connection to helping children. Justin Timberlake decided to focus on other aspects of a child’s life as well as developing music careers for those interested. The events organized attract a lot of media attention and result in many donations and a higher interest of people in the issues he presents.

Justin Timberlake has made a great name for himself and he is still going strong, expanding in all kinds of business ventures and entertainment industry fields. Still he never forgets to be grateful for what he has and to give back to help others. 

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